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Financial Support

Your support matters.

Investing in the JCRC empowers us to continue our work in pursuit of a just society and a secure Jewish future. With your support, we are able to mobilize the Jewish community on critical issues and build coalitions with other faith, civic, political, and minority communities who share our vision, values and concerns. Your investment helps us support the Jewish and democratic State of Israel and advocate for Jewish social justice issues at the state and local levels. Join us as we work to ensure Jewish tomorrows.


Building a legacy.

The Indianapolis Jewish community has been selected as a LIFE & LEGACY partner of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. This forward-thinking program seeks to engage local Jewish organizations in a collaborative endeavor that will ensure the strength of our community now and for the future.

Imagine if you could provide a gift to the Jewish community that would last forever. LIFE & LEGACY is an endowment program designed to help you create permanent legacy gifts, demonstrating your belief in the continuity of Jewish life for generations to come. In partnership with Jewish organizations and synagogues, this program helps individuals and families create ongoing support for the Jewish causes they care about. All of us, regardless of age, wealth, or affiliation, have the ability to help sustain a vibrant Jewish community now and in the future.

Legacy gifts will enable the JCRC to plan thoughtfully for the future and more fully realize our goals through critically important programming that require staff and resources to execute, including interfaith and civic engagement, Jewish engagement, and teaching teachers and preachers.

We are so proud that the Indianapolis Jewish community has made community relations a priority for nearly 75 years, and we would be smart to ensure the JCRC’s existence in our community for the next 75 years!

If you are interested in becoming a LIFE & LEGACY donor, please contact Lindsey Mintz at lmintz@indyjcrc.org.

Thank you to our LIFE & LEGACY donors:

JCRC Background:

JCRC convenes the Jewish community’s “Common Table” around which representatives from every Jewish agency, synagogue, and Jewish organization in central Indiana are welcome and encouraged to sit together to find consensus on issues of concern.  JCRC then communicates these interests and values to the community-at-large, policymakers, and media outlets.  We build bridges and partnerships wherever possible, cultivating relationships within and among faith & ethnic communities, and acting in coalition with other groups advocating civil rights and social & economic justice for all.  JCRC is proactive in combating antisemitism and advocating for Israel.  We distribute a calendar of Jewish holidays to help avoid scheduling conflicts, provide factually accurate classroom curricula on Jews, Judaism & Israel, and combat bullying and promote respect & inclusivity in schools.  JCRC is an independent, non-profit organization, a constituent agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis, and a founding member of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

Internship Title:          JCRC Campus Intern

Supervisor:                  JCRC Executive Director

Hours:                         Flexible

The JCRC Campus Intern is a prestigious internship that offers college students the opportunity to support a Jewish and pro-Israel presence on campus through program development and coalition building.

In close partnership with the JCRC Program Director, the JCRC Campus Intern will focus on the following:

Program Development:

  • Compile a running list of potential program ideas appropriate for the student’s specific campus
  • Outreach to potential program co-sponsors
  • Assist in developing programmatic funding requests from departments and campus serving organizations
  • Develop and plan logistics of at least one major campus-wide positive Israel program per semester
    • Possible program examples include hosting expert guest speakers to discuss the political situation and cultural programs around music, film or food
  • Develop and plan logistics of at least one educational program on campus per academic year
    • Possible programs could be focused on Jewish traditions and faith, Antisemitism, or Israel

Coalition Building:

  • Research and compile a list of campus organizations and university departments to help identify potential coalition partners
  • Identify new potential partners on campus and co-sponsor at least one joint program per academic year
  • Serve as a point of contact on campus when BDS or Antisemitism occurs on campus and work with campus-serving professionals and student leaders to develop a rapid response plan


  • Earn course credit or receive a modest stipend
  • Receive a subsidy to attend one national training opportunity per academic year
  • Hone your professional skills in project management, communications, and leadership
  • Work flexible hours with off-site supervision

To apply, please submit a resume, cover letter, and two references to: lmintz@indyjcrc.org