Educational Services and Programs

JCRC provides the broader community with an array of services and programs for your home, classroom, organization, or business.

Resources from the JCRC 

7-year Calendar (2017-2025) of Jewish Holidays

This 7-year calendar of major Jewish holidays can be used to help minimize conflicts that involve the absence of Jewish students and personnel.

Maurer Jewish Community Library

Located on the Max & Mae Simon Jewish Community Campus, this library houses a plethora of resources related to Judaism, Israel, Hebrew, and Judaic studies. As a member of the Indianapolis Public Library Shared System, materials are widely available for personal borrowing and easy to bring to your classroom.

JCRC Educational Services

We offer programming, speakers, presentations, and opportunities for you to connect and learn about the Jewish community and antisemitism.  

Holocaust Speakers Bureau

Volunteer speakers can come to your school, youth group, or organization to share powerful personal stories of survival or their family’s experience.

Student to Student 

Our flagship program trains Jewish teens from diverse backgrounds to speak in classrooms, youth groups, clubs, or any place with a student audience that may have very little Jewish presence. By speaking to their peers, these Jewish teens not only impart information about Judaism and Jewish life, but also foster understanding that counters stereotypes. Learn more about Student to Student.

Presentations about Judaism & the Jewish Community

Our speakers visit school classrooms, diversity fairs, interfaith festivals, or specially designed professional development sessions to make presentations about Jewish holidays, history, practices, and culture. Learning from these knowledgeable members of the Jewish community reduces stereotypes and promotes respect and understanding in society

Presentations about the Holocaust & Mass Atrocities

 JCRC’s Holocaust Educator and Human Rights Associate, Amber Maze, is an expert in the field of genocide education and mass atrocity prevention. Her presentations about the Holocaust, other genocides, and contemporary mass atrocities can be adapted for a range of audiences interested in learning about this important history and its relevance today.

School Clubs & Extracurriculars  

We help young people (Jewish and non-Jewish) explore and understand Judaism’s approaches to a breadth of issues, including the environment, social justice, LGBTQ+ issues, intergroup relations, and more. We are happy to talior the type of support or engagement that is appropriate for your group.

Independent Study Projects 

Students interested in exploring specific research topics can be directed to Jewish community professionals with expertise in Judaism, Jewish history, Israel, and other topics.

Albert & Sara Reuben Holocaust Memorial Garden Tour

Groups are welcome to visit the Albert & Sara Reuben Holocaust Memorial Garden located on the Max & Mae Simon Jewish Community Campus.

Synagogue Visits  

Local synagogues welcome the opportunity to host schools, churches, community groups for tours and informational presentations facilitated by their rabbis and education directors. Information about local synagogues and other Jewish organizations can be found here. 

Educator Workshops & Curricular Resources

Holocaust Education 

Seminars are regularly held that educate teachers about the Holocaust and introduce innovative curricular approaches that link the lessons of the Holocaust to contemporary society.

Accurate Curriculum 

The JCRC collaborates with the Institute for Curriculum Services (ICS) to provide teachers with accurate curricular resources about Jews, Judaism, Jewish history, antisemitism, religion in the classroom, and Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We host several summer workshops to train educators on how to incorporate these lesson plans that are common-core aligned and based on primary sources. Read about Institute for Curriculum Services online workshops and courses.