Antisemitism: A Bipartisan Problem that Demands a Nonpartisan Solution Part 2: How Conservatives Can Counter Antisemitism on the Right

Posted by: JCRCStaff

November 15, 2021

Thursday, November 8, 2021 7:00 PM Eastern

JCRC has joined with the ADL Midwest and several other JCRCs on this two-part series. Part One, which took place on Oct. 12, was titled “How Progressives Can Counter Antisemitism on the Left.” Part Two will feature William Kristol, one of the defining conservative thinkers and writers of his generation, who has a decades-long track record of facing down antisemitism from within his own party. Tune in to this virtual program to hear about his experiences and learn how conservatives can effectively challenge anti-Jewish hate on the political right. 

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