Tribute Booklet Sales ended on Friday, October 1, 2021. You are always welcome to make donations to the Combating Antisemitism Fund to increase our impact. Thanks for your support!

Tribute Booklet

What Do Proceeds Benefit?

Proceeds from the event go directly to support the JCRC’s Stand Up! Speak Out! initiative, which implements programs that reduce hate, combat antisemitism, support Holocaust education, promote respect in schools and on college campuses, and help Jewish youth confront antisemitism and engage on Israel. These programs have a powerful impact on both the Jewish and general communities because of their ideal blend of support, education, relationship-building, collaboration & partnerships, outreach & engagement, and advocacy – all working together to effectively beat back the increasing presence of antisemitism in society today. 

Why Purchase Tribute Booklet Space?

Simply put, antisemitism has re-emerged with force and Jews are less safe today than any time since the middle of the 20th century. With support from tribute booklet purchases, the JCRC will be able to meet the increased need of providing effective programs that prevent anti-Jewish bigotry from taking hold and combat 21st century antisemitism in all its forms. Your purchase will help empower Jewish youth, educate Hoosier teachers and students, and broaden understanding through relationship-building initiatives. Tribute booklet support ensure greater impact – for you, for JCRC, and for society as a whole.

What You Get


Your purchase is a great way to advertise to community members while showing the Jewish community you’re dedicated to joining the fight against anti-Jewish bigotry. 

Tribute Booklet Levels

Full Page (color)


Half Page (color)


Full Page (b&w)


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Quarter Page (b&w)


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