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Lesson plans, articles, and other tools for teaching on Judaism, mass atrocities, the Holocaust, antisemitism, racial equity and other issues can be found here. 

Jewish History, Antisemitism, and Religion

Teaching about religion in an unbiased and inclusive manner can be challenging. These resources provide the foundation you need to educate on Judaism, antisemitism, and presenting religion to your classroom or community.  

Holocaust and Mass Atrocity Education

Teaching about the Holocaust and genocide can seem daunting, especially when considering the importance of having historically accurate information that fits the tone of the topic. The seriousness of the events combined with the emotional impact it can have on students makes the correct choice of resources even more important. We have compiled pedagogically sound materials that can be implemented in your classroom.  

Resources for Educators in Jewish Spaces

We believe that our Jewish values should be part of all facets of our lives. We offer resources on a wide variety of topics with a Jewish lens a to enhance Jewish identity

Israel and the Middle East

Israel and the Middle East can often be polarizing and emotionally charged. We offer reliable resources on how to educate on complex topics related to the Middle East and Israel.  Our partners offer a nuanced approach to educating about Israel and the conflict. 

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