Community Engagement & Intergroup Affairs

JCRC Event Photo

Event commemorating Nostra Aetate marking 50 years of Jewish-Catholic relations

Coalition building is one of our strengths, and may be the JCRC’s most important task. Our work is grounded in cultivating relationships and seeking partnerships with faith & ethnic communities, human rights & social justice advocates, and civic, education & law enforcement leaders. JCRC is proud to work with community & intergroup partners on issues of shared concern, united by our common pursuit of a just society, and our commitment to standing together in the face of those issues that could divide us, including bigotry, antisemitism, systemic racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and political & religious extremism. The JCRC’s Community Engagement Committee helps members of the Jewish community become stronger allies to members of marginalized or minority groups and movements. Importantly, Community Engagement Committee members not only amplify the Jewish community’s concerns,but also convey the concerns of other groups back into the Jewish community.

Recent Highlights:

  • We spearheaded the response to antisemitic incidents on Indiana campuses and in communities across the state.

  • We organized the Jewish community’s participation in the Indianapolis Festival of Faiths.

  • We participated in the IndyPride parade.

  • We worked with synagogues, agencies, and law enforcement to ensure the Jewish community in Indianapolis and its institutions are safe and secure.

  • We spoke up and in support of a mosque being built in Carmel.

  • Two of our programs were accepted into the 2018 Spirit & PlacHappinessal.  “Hummus & Hapiness” brought many diverse groups together over hummus. “Jewish and…” uplifted the diversity in the Jewish community by hightlighting individuals intersections.
JCRC Staff at Indianapolis Festival of Faiths

The Jewish community participates in the Indianapolis Festival of Faiths