Get Out The Vote & Civic Engagement

2020 Civic Duty Dates

Mark your calendars & spread the word!

*Absentee ballot must be received no later than 12pm on Nov. 3.

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Multifaith Coalition for Civic Engagement 

As a result of our long-standing multifaith partnerships, JCRC recently helped launch a new coalition designed to encourage faith communities to play a more active role in encouraging their members to vote and complete their 2020 census.  The non-partisan Multifaith Coalition for Civic Engagement will help connect, inspire, and organize people of faith to embrace exercising these critical civic duties

 View Our Engagement Plan Here

Event, Contact, Resource Submission Forms

The coalition wants to foster a network of faith leaders that can rely on each other and quickly reach out to each other. That is why we have decided to create three “living” databases for events, contact information, and resources through google forms. This is to ensure we are able to keep our information updated in real-time and without any gatekeepers. We ask both coalition members and general community members to regularly submit information to these forms and share them widely.

  1. Multifaith Coalition for Civic Engagement Event Submission Form
  2. Multifaith Coalition on Civic Engagement Contact Submission Form
  3. Multifaith Coalition for Civic Engagement Resource Submission Form

Event, Contact, Resource Databases

Using Google forms allows us to automatically populate your response to google sheets where our members and other partners can regularly check for new events, contacts, and resources. This is why is it is so important all members continuously submit more information! Below are the links to google sheets to see “live” updates in our coalitions database.

  1. Multifaith Coalition for Civic Engagement Event Database
  2. Multifaith Coalition on Civic Engagement Contact Database
  3. Multifaith Coalition for Civic Engagement Resource Database

General Resources

Census Education & Engagement

The last date for the census is fast approaching. The census is important for communities to fill out because a lot of funding and grant opportunities are determined through the census. To build healthier neighborhoods we must fill out the census.

2020 Indiana Census 

2020 Census Informational Questionnaire (bilingual) 

2020 U.S. Census

Voter Education

There are great resources for people who want to focus on voter education including common misinformation about who and who can’t vote.

ACLU “Yes You Can Vote Campaign”

League of Women Voters- Vote 411  

The Indiana Citizens “One More Vote” Campaign


These are resources for people who are called to serve through volunteering. 

Go Vote Indy

New American Voters 2020 Campaign 

Work the polls

Social Media Toolkit

Need help to promote voter registration on social media then check out the national voter registration day social media toolkit!  Feel free to use these social media graphics and text across your channels to promote voter registration before and/or on September 22!  Be sure to use the official hashtags (1) #NationalVoterRegistrationDay and (2) #VoteReady.