Government & Domestic Affairs

The JCRC’s Government & Domestic Affairs Committee serves as the bridge between the Jewish community and public policy leaders, particularly elected officials at the local, state and federal levels. For over 30 years, the JCRC has been the consistent and respected voice in the halls of government that communicates the concerns of the Jewish community with integrity.

Through our deliberative process, we build consensus on public policy issues and then develop an advocacy strategy on legislation before the Indiana General Assembly. JCRC is proud to serve as the liaison between our public policy leaders and members of Jewish communities throughout the State of Indiana, as we create relationships with elected officials on both sides of the aisle. In recent years JCRC the JCRC has:

David Sklar, Assistant Director, meets civil rights icon, Representative John Lewis.

  • Lead the broad statewide coalition to pass Bias Crimes Statute, including drafting legislation & coordinating statewide coalition’s advocacy strategy
  • Presented at numerous academic institutions, businesses, and civic organizations around the state regarding the importance of passing a bias crimes statute •
  • Guest lectured at IUPUI and other locations on several domestic policy and multifaith topics
  • Worked with coalition partners to defeat legislation designed to expand Indiana’s predatory lending industry
  • Assisted in the passage of legislation expanding the mandate for Holocaust education in Indiana schools
  • Monitored legislation regarding firearms in houses of worship to ensure Jewish community needs taken into account
  • Communicated regularly with Indiana’s Congressional office-holders
  • Made Capitol Hill visits offices of Young, Braun, Carson, and Brooks
  •  Representing the Jewish community on “CountMeIndy” for the 2020 Census.