Holocaust Speakers Bureau

A network of volunteers is available to speak in school classrooms, youth groups, or organizations to share personal stories of the Holocaust. The personalized nature of a survivor, or one of their relatives, speaking to your group will have greater impact than any story read or lesson taught. By bringing a speaker to your school or organization, the Holocaust’s impact on real people’s lives becomes tangible.

Several of our trained speakers are second-generation survivors, meaning they tell their parents’ stories. Speakers may be available based on your group’s proximity to Indianapolis and how far in advance you submit your request. When necessary speakers can deliver their presentations virtually. There is no fee for speaking engagements, but donations are welcome.

Meet Our Speakers

Ed & Esther Davidson

For over a decade Ed and Esther have shared their personal stories as members of the Speakers Bureau. Esther shares her memories of being a hidden child of the Holocaust in Poland. Ed shares his father’s experience working as a translator during the Nuremberg Trials. 

Dee Schwartz

Dee discusses how her parents escaped Europe through a series of miraculous events that allowed them to arrive safely in the United States 

Sharie Fields

 Sharie tells the courageous story of how her grandmother evaded the Nazis before ultimately ending up in a Siberian labor camp until the end of the war.  

Tibor Klopfer

Tibor shares how his mother survived Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, as well as the incredible story of how his teenaged uncle survived a whirlwind of industrial forced labor camps.

Phil Lande

Phil shares the powerful story of how his father survived the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Dachau.  

Julie Sondhelm

Julie tells the incredible story of how her grandfather survived the Riga ghetto and Dachau concentration camp.

Brenda & Corey Freedman

Brenda tells the harrowing story of how her mother escaped a ghetto and hid in plain sight. Corey shares how his father-in-law survived the war and aided the U.S. Army.