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Lauren Morgan introduces Amir Dajani, Deputy Managing Director of Rawabi, the first Palestinian planned city, on the JCPA Leadership Mission in 2016.

JCRC engages with people from diverse backgrounds to build support for a strong U.S. – Israel relationship based on shared values. We support Israel as the Jewish and democratic homeland of the Jewish people. JCRC advocates for a negotiated two-state solution allowing Israelis and Palestinians to live as neighbors in peace, security, and dignity. We educate the community about the complexity of the conflict, and model respectful discourse through our speakers and discussions. JCRC leads our community, and works with allies, to actively counter campaigns to delegitimize Israel. As part of our “Stand Up! Speak Out!” initiative, JCRC offers a prestigious Israel Engagement Fellowship for Jewish teens eager to engage thoughtfully on Israel by delving into the region’s history and contemporary challenges. The JCRC’s Israel Committee researches and compiles a range of articles for our monthly “Israel in Depth” newsletter, and crafts statements or Letters to the Editor as necessary.

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  • We encourage greater economic ties between Israel and Indiana, believing that investment rather than divestment is the right approach for our stat



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A contingency of students from the University of Indianapolis, IUPUI, and IU are joined by JCRC staff and lay leaders to voice their opposition to the BDS resolution presented to the University of Indianapolis’ Student Senate in 2016.