Media Relations

The Indianapolis JCRC is the media’s key link to the Greater Indianapolis Jewish community, serving as the primary resource for print, broadcast and online outlets on topics relating to Judaism, antisemitism, Israel, and the local community.

Providing a Jewish perspective on events and opinions expressed in the media, JCRC:

  • Acts as the community’s clearinghouse for media on Israel and major stories that impact the Jewish community
  • Helps guide press to the right person or organization in the Jewish community to address their need
  • Produces news releases and coordinates media coverage on important community stories, events, and issues
  • Drafts and places opinion pieces in Indianapolis area newspapers
  • Monitors news outlets in order to ensure fair and accurate coverage and supportive editorial positions
  • Meets routinely with top news editors, columnists, reporters and editorial boards to discuss Jewish priorities and Middle East coverage, and to stimulate stories on events and programs
  • Coordinates briefings for media professionals with visiting Israeli dignitaries, journalists and scholars, providing access to Israel’s reality and perspective

For any media-related questions, contact Communications Coordinator, Aaron Welcher, awelcher@indyjcrc.org or at 317-376-0468.

Press Releases & Statements

Jewish Community Letter of Support to the Sikh Community

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