Press Release: 8 Jewish Community Relations Councils (JCRCs) Release Joint Statement on Congressional Funding Vote re: Iron Dome Missile Defense System

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September 24, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 1:00pm, Friday, September 24, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS, IN:  The Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council released a joint statement today alongside seven other JCRCs (Chicago, Detroit, Louisville, Minnesota, New York, Phoenix, St Louis) expressing deep disappointment in those Members of Congress, including Congressman Andre Carson (D-IN 7), who voted against funding the Iron Dome, a purely life-saving defensive technology.

“Each Iron Dome interceptor costs an estimated $40,000, and in drawn-out conflicts, such as this past May, Israel uses it hundreds of times every day. Without the Iron Dome, there would undoubtedly be more deaths of both Israelis and Palestinians. A lasting peaceful solution requires investing in life-saving technology,” said Aaron Welcher, JCRC Communications & Advocacy Associate.

“It’s significant that these 8 JCRCs came together to issue this joint statement because they are the Jewish organizations on the ground officially representing the consensus views of the overwhelming majority of local Jewish constituents to these Members of Congress,” said Lindsey Mintz, JCRC Executive Director.  “And the largest community of Jewish Hoosiers, who live in central Indiana, are represented by Congressman Carson.”

The Indy JCRC applauds and thanks members of the Indiana congressional delegation, who were among 420 U.S. Representatives to vote in support of H.R. 5323 to fully fund the replenishment of Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system: Frank Mrvan (D-IN 1), Jackie Walorski (R-IN 2), Jim Banks (R-IN 3), James Baird (R-IN 4), Victoria Spartz (R-IN 5), Greg Pence (R-IN 6), Larry Buschon (R-IN 8), and Trey Hollingsworth (R-IN 9).

“Unfortunately, the Indianapolis Jewish community has once again been let down by Congressman Carson’s decision not to be a bridge builder among his colleagues regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  His ‘no’ vote on this massively bipartisan bill to support a system that literally saves lives is both baffling and shameful,” said Lindsey Mintz, JCRC Executive Director.

Signatories of the joint JCRC statement make clear that “objecting to funding this purely defensive technology reveals an attempt to further isolate and delegitimize Israel.”


Aaron Welcher
Communications Associate

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