Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council

Government Affairs & Advocacy

For 30+ years, we’ve served as the bridge for the Jewish community to public policy leaders & elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels.


The core of our work is to safeguard Jews by addressing anti-Jewish bigotry & antisemitism wherever and whenever it appears. We do this work by building relationships.

Media Relations

We are the media’s key link to the Jewish community, serving as a resource for print, broadcast, and online outlets on topics relating to Judaism, antisemitism, Israel, and more.


We host  and partner on a wide variety of events throughout the year related to our mission that serves to educate, fight antisemitism, and drive people to take action.

Educational Services

We provide the broader community with an array of services for your home, classroom, organization, or business to combat antisemitism.


We engage with people of all backgrounds to educate & dispel misinformation about Israel. We support it as a democratic state for Jews and a negotiated two-state solution.

About JCRC

Established by the Indiana Jewish community while the Holocaust was unfolding in Europe. The core of JCRC’s mission is to safeguard Jews here in the U.S., in Israel, and around the world, by combatting antisemitism through relationship-building and education. Since 1942, the JCRC has been the organized Jewish community’s public affairs arm, working to protect and promote an American society that is just, democratic, and pluralistic.

JCRC convenes the Jewish community’s “Common Table,” around which representatives from Jewish synagogues, agencies, and organizations come together to build consensus on issues important to the Jewish community. We then translate these positions into action through engagement and advocacy.

As the multi-faith and intergroup relations arm of the Jewish community, we look to build bridges wherever possible, acting in coalition with groups that fight discrimination and advocate for human & civil rights and work towards social & economic justice.

JCRC is the Indianapolis Jewish community’s official media relations arm, serving as the primary resource for print, broadcast, and online outlets on topics relating to the local Jewish community, Judaism, and Israel.


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Press Releases & Statements

Education Hub

JCRC serves as a trusted resource and partner when it comes to helping you confront antisemitism and learn about the Jewish community. JCRC provides the broader community with an array of services and programs for your home, classroom, organization, or business.

Our Work

JCRC mobilizes the Jewish community on critical issues and amplifies its voice in the public sphere. We foster meaningful relationships among diverse ethnic, racial, religious, and interest groups, building coalitions based on mutual concerns. JCRC is a trusted resource for our community and political and faith-based partners, providing nuanced consultations on sensitive community and government relations matters.

We work tirelessly behind the scenes and on the frontlines to ensure that the organized Jewish community’s interests are addressed. Our positions are formed based on consensus and civility, creating a broad tent for our community’s diversity.

News & Updates

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