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Report an Antisemitic Incident

It is a goal of the Safe Indy Security Initiative to identify and assess any potential threats to our Community. It is extremely important to report incidents as soon as you witness them.

Student to Student

JCRC’s Student to Student program helps reduce anti-Jewish prejudice through presentations given by a group of Jewish high school students.

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About Us

JCRC is the public policy, advocacy, and intergroup relations arm of the organized Indianapolis Jewish community. 

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Please contact us with questions, concerns, or other issues JCRC should address. 

Advocacy & Government Affairs

JCRC serves as the liaison between elected representatives, policy leaders, and members of Jewish communities throughout Indiana. We advocate for policies that promote equity, religious freedom, and human rights.  

Community Engagement

JCRC builds strong relationships with people of various faith traditions, ethnicities, human rights advocates, and civic leaders. We build coalitions and work alongside community partners to combat the issues that divide us.

Supporting a Secure Israel

JCRC leads the community and works with allies to actively counter campaigns that seek to delegitimize Israel. We advocate for a negotiated two-state solution that allows Israelis and Palestinians to live as neighbors in peace.

Commitment to Education

JCRC educates the community at large about antisemitism, Judaism and Jewish culture, and the Holocaust. We believe educating about ourselves – and learning from others – fosters a more secure society for Jews. 

Urge Elected Officials to Pass HB 1002


In the months following the October 7 attacks, there has been an alarming surge in antisemitism, with the ADL reporting an increase of over 300%. This spike in hostility is particularly evident in educational institutions, with students on college campuses and in K-12 classrooms facing hostile environments. Combating antisemitism is a non-partisan imperative, and defining antisemitism is fundamental to this endeavor.

The JCRC strongly urges the Indiana Legislature to pass HB 1002 and adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Antisemitism, which will align Indiana with a widely accepted standard. Over 50 Jewish organizations and institutions in Indiana, in addition to 34 states and over 1,000 institutions worldwide, have endorsed this definition. HB 1002 will add the definition to the education code rather than the criminal code and provide a useful tool for educators and administrators to identify and combat antisemitism.

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