Israel Engagement

Our Approach

JCRC engages with people from diverse backgrounds to build support for a strong U.S. – Israel relationship based on shared values. We support Israel as the Jewish and democratic homeland of the Jewish people. JCRC advocates for a negotiated two-state solution allowing Israelis and Palestinians to live as neighbors in peace, security, and dignity. We educate the community about the complexity of the conflict and model respectful discourse through our speakers and discussions.

JCRC leads our community and works with allies, to actively counter campaigns to delegitimize Israel. As part of our “Stand Up! Speak Out!” initiative, JCRC offers a prestigious Israel Engagement Fellowship for Jewish teens eager to engage thoughtfully on Israel by delving into the region’s history and contemporary challenges. 

Israel Engagement Fellowship

The Israel Engagement Fellowship is an intensive learning experience that equips Jewish 10th, 11th, and 12th graders with the knowledge and confidence to be effective Israel advocates on their future college campuses. Teens will learn how to identify and address antisemitism and anti-Zionism, as well as gain communication skills that will aid them in having constructive conversations about Israel in high school, college, and beyond.

What We Do

Learn About Israel

Teaching and discussing Israel and the Middle East can sometimes be polarizing and emotionally charged. We recommend curricular resources based on primary sources, which enable teachers and students alike to unpack these complex topics in constructive ways.

Teacher Trainings

Hoosier educators learn how to teach accurately about Judaism, Jewish history, the Holocaust, antisemitism, and Israel with curricular materials they can trust. JCRC provides these trainings for all Hoosier educators to combat misinformation and stereotypes about Judaism and related topics.

Talk about Israel

Against the backdrop of a complex geopolitical conflict taking place on the other side of the globe, Americans in general and American Jews, in particular, are navigating the sea of ideas and information, of opinion and expression.


Resources including news outlets, policy and advocacy organizations, educational resources, assorted tools, and podcasts to help anyone learn how to effectively engage with Israel and related issues.