About the Indianapolis JCRC

Pursuing a Just Society & Secure Jewish Future

Since 1942 our mission has been to safeguard the rights of Jews here, in Israel, and around the world. JCRC works to protect and promote a just American society, one that is democratic and pluralistic.  JCRC combats antisemitism through relationship-building and education.

Core Values

About JCRC

Established by the Indiana Jewish community while the Holocaust was unfolding in Europe, the core of JCRC’s mission is to safeguard Jews here in the U.S., in Israel, and around the world, by combatting antisemitism through relationship-building and education. Since 1942, the JCRC has been the public affairs, interfaith, intergroup. and media relations arm of the organized Jewish community. JCRC works to protect and promote an American society that is just, democratic, and pluralistic.

JCRC convenes the Jewish community’s “Common Table” around which representatives from every Jewish agency, synagogue, and organization are welcome and encouraged to sit together to find consensus on issues concerning the Jewish community. We then translate these positions into action with the broader community, public officials, civic leaders, educators, the media, and other faith & ethnic communities by building partnerships. As the interfaith and intergroup relations arm of the Jewish community, we look to build bridges wherever possible, acting in coalition with groups that fight discrimination and advocate for human & civil rights and social & economic justice.

We cultivate relationships & educate.
We build strong coalitions & advocate.
We initiate change.

Professional Team

Jacob Markey

Jacob Markey

Executive Director

Jacob Markey comes to Indianapolis from the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, where he was the Assistant Director of its Jewish Community Relations Council. He previously worked for the Union for Reform Judaism as Marketing and Communications Coordinator for its high school in Israel program and with the Hillel at Brandeis as its Coordinator for Israel Engagement. Jacob is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a dual Master of Arts in Jewish Professional Leadership and Master of Public Policy from Brandeis University.

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Amber Maze

Amber Maze

Holocaust Educator and Human Rights Associate

Amber Maze is an expert in the field of genocide education and mass atrocity prevention. Her work focuses on human rights in the Great Lakes Region of Africa, Holocaust and genocide education, human rights advocacy, and the preservation of memory. Amber’s academic and professional career has led her to work for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Enough Project, a Washington D.C.-based genocide prevention organization that focuses on human rights issues in Africa. Amber holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Ball State University and a Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies from Stockton University of New Jersey. In addition to her position with Indy JCRC, Amber serves as the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Crane Center for Mass Atrocity Prevention.

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                                  Robbie Alder

Robbie Alder

Stand Up! Speak Out! Coordinator and Programming Associate

  Robbie Alder began working for the Indianapolis Jewish community in early 2019 as PJ Library Coordinator with JFGI, and in 2021, joined JCRC to coordinate the Stand Up! Speak Out! program. Robbie has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Indiana University, a Master of Library Science from IUPUI, and a Master of Educational Technology from Western Governors University, which has led her to work as a classroom teacher, a librarian, and in faculty development. After finding her passion in working for the Jewish community, Robbie has served hundreds of central Indiana Jewish families with inclusive engagement and educational opportunities including the Student to Student and Israel Engagement Fellowship Programs.  

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Our Work

Government Affairs & Public Policy

For over 30 years, the JCRC has been the consistent and respected voice in the halls of government that communicates the concerns of the Jewish community with integrity. We serve as the bridge between the Jewish community and public policy leaders, particularly elected officials at the local, state and federal levels. Through our deliberative process, we build consensus on public policy issues and then develop an advocacy strategy.

Israel & International Affairs

JCRC engages with people of all backgrounds to educate and dispel misinformation about Israel. We support Israel as the Jewish and democratic homeland of the Jewish people. We advocate for a negotiated two-state solution allowing Israelis and Palestinians to live as neighbors in peace, security, and dignity. We educate the community about the complexity of the conflict and model respectful discourse through our speakers and discussions.

Community Engagement & Intergroup Affairs

We cultivate relationships and seek partnerships with faith & ethnic communities, human rights & social justice advocates, and civic leaders. We work on issues of shared concern, united by our common pursuit of a just society, and our commitment to standing together, including bigotry, antisemitism, systemic racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and political & religious extremism. 

Combating Antisemitism

The core of our work is to safeguard Jews by addressing antisemitism wherever and whenever it appears. We do this work by building relationships. JCRC proactively combats antisemitism through our “Stand Up! Speak Out!” initiative, which involves programs designed to reduce bigotry against and ignorance of the Jewish community.  We serve as a resource and partner to schools, employers, and Jewish families as they navigate anti-Jewish incidents.

Educational Resource

JCRC is a trusted resource & partner when it comes to helping you confront antisemitism and learn about the Jewish community. We provide an array of services for various industries & institutions.  

Holocaust and Genocide Education

Indy JCRC provides programming, curricular resources, and guest speakers on topics related to the Holocaust and other contemporary genocides to educators, faith-based institutions, and the broader community as a whole. 

Media Relations

We are the media’s key link to the Jewish community, serving as a resource for print, broadcast, and online outlets on topics relating to Judaism, antisemitism, Israel, and more.