Indianapolis JCRC Statement Applauding Congressman Carson and Congresswoman Brooks for Supporting H.R. 489

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council applauds Congressman Andre Carson (D, IN-7) and Congresswoman Susan Brooks (R, IN-5) for voting yesterday to support House Resolution 489 (Condemning President Trump’s Racist Comments Directed at Members of Congress). 

Their vote, along with statements on social media and in interviews, well represent the JCRC’s belief in respectful discourse, honoring differences, and celebrating the positive contributions immigrants make in our communities. 

Congresswoman Brooks:

I believe our diverse backgrounds as Americans make our country greater and stronger. These differences should be celebrated by all of us.” 

Congressman Carson:

Everyone should oppose vile rhetoric that seeks to divide Americans.”

Over the past few years, JCRC has issued several statements (most recently in March) that express the Jewish community’s increasing concern about the dangerous deterioration of public discourse.  Jewish tradition recognizes the power of words to either create or destroy.  Comments like those condemned in H.R. 489 have not only intimidated members of diverse communities, but have also galvanized white nationalists.  Jewish ethical teachings honor diversity and pluralism, and command us to pursue building a just society by fighting racism and xenophobia, whether blatant or veiled.

The Indianapolis JCRC opposes statements, from across the political spectrum, which use the Jewish community, the increase in antisemitism, or Israel as a wedge issue for political gain.  Such rhetoric inflames anti-Jewish sentiment, which isolates and threatens the Jewish community. 

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