The Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council is outraged by the precipitous rise in violent anti-Semitic activity in Europe and elsewhere, and stands with Jews around the world, who continue to be targeted by anti-Jewish extremists.  It is clear that the world-wide Jewish community feels itself on edge, as the resurgence of anti-Semitism and violent acts against Jews is undeniable.  Too often over the last months and years we have been the focus of anti-Semitic vitriol; seen our synagogues, schools, homes, cemeteries and memorials, shops and buildings vandalized and attacked; and been the victims of heinous crimes motivated solely by hate.


Anti-Semitism, along with other forms of bigotry and hatred, are direct affronts to American and Jewish values of inclusivity and pluralism, and to our belief that all human beings are created in the image of God.  The freedom to identify openly and without fear as part of a religious or ethnic minority group is a foundational value of democracy.  We therefore affirm our belief that no individual should feel compelled to remove items central to their religious or ethnic identity out of fear for personal safety.  In that vein, we reiterate our dedication to freedom of speech and expression, and our unqualified support for those who risk their lives every day to uphold this inalienable right, including law enforcement officials.


Here in Indianapolis, Jewish communal agencies continue to take all possible measures and precautions to ensure our community’s safety and security.  Our dedicated professional staff and lay leadership maintain relationships with all levels of law enforcement and intelligence gatherers in order to make the proper security-related decisions for community members, agencies and synagogues.


Additionally, the JCRC will continue to work with our policy leaders at the local, state and federal levels to ensure they understand the very real security concerns faced by our community every day, and to encourage them to support policies that will help make safer, not only the Indianapolis Jewish Community, but Jews all over the world.


Anti-Semitism must never be tolerated or justified.  We call on all people of conscience to join us, and many of the world’s leaders, in working to end the cancer that is fundamentalism and extremism by interrupting and denouncing hateful speech, which is often the precursor to vandalism, harassment and violence, and by forcefully condemning these attacks whenever and wherever they occur.




JCRC is the public affairs and community relations arm of the organized Jewish community. We work to build consensus on public affairs issues, and translate these positions into community action with the broader community, public officials, and other faith and ethnic communities. JCRC focuses on Israel advocacy, and acts in coalition with other groups advocating civil rights and social & economic justice. ~ 317.926.2935