Israel In Depth

Thanks to our JCRC’s Israel and International Affairs Committee, we are restarting a regular series on our blog called Israel In-Depth, where we will share a few news articles that give a closer look at Israel – whether at home, in the world, or in relation to the U.S. 

January 16, 2018


Israel at Home:

  • Israel’s Weizmann Institute named top research institute outside of the United States in the 2017 Nature Index. Read Here
  • Dr. Ivan Berlin, an expert in addictions, says Israeli-founded Somatix’s gesture analysis software is ‘revolutionary’ in detecting cigarette use.  Read Here
  • Israeli Aerospace Industries and SpaceIL constructing Israel’s first lunar spacecraft. Read Here

Israel Abroad:

  • Israeli technology assisted Mexican rescuers in locating victims of 2017 Mexico earthquake. Read Here
  • Gal Gadot named Chinese telecommunications company, Huawei’s New CEO—Chief Experience Officer. Read Here

Israel and the US:

  • Wisconsin and Israel to collaborate on water technology.  Read Here
  • Illinois Governor touts security cooperation during first official visit to Israel. Read Here




*Note: Due to an issue with our email client we have added the Holocaust Memorial Information on this Israel In Depth’s post

Holocaust Remembrance Program

Thursday, February 1, 2018
1:30 AM – 2:30 PM
IUPUI Campus Center Theater/ 420 University Blvd
Keynote by:
Julie Kohner, Voices of Generations- A unique and personal approach to the Holocaust
An autobiography- Hanna and Walter, A Love Story