Earlier this week, Israel conducted its 4th election in two years. Next week we will learn who will be tasked with trying to form the next government. We wanted to share a few resources to help bring those interested up to speed on where things currently stand. More to come as developments will continue to unfold over the next several weeks.

Understanding Israeli Elections

iCenter: Israel Elections

A nonprofit organization dedicated to educating accurately about Israel has complied resources to understand the election process in Israel.

Video credit: iCenter

Analysis of Results From the Latest Elections

The Israel Democracy Institute: Preliminary Election Results 2021

 Prof. Ofer Kenig, a Research Fellow for IDI, an independent center of research and action dedicated to strengthening the foundations of Israeli democracy, has compiled a preliminary breakdown of the election results.

Articles from the Times of Israel

Election Results Show Likud Shed Votes in Traditional Strongholds

“With all ballots counted as of Thursday, Netanyahu’s right-wing and religious backers had 52 seats while parties opposed to the premier had 57 between them. The right-wing Yamina party (with 7) and Islamist Ra’am (with 4), have not committed to either side…”

What Happens Now: A Timetable of the Process to (Maybe) Form a Government

A look at significant upcoming dates as Israel’s warring political leaders try to navigate the deadlocked election results, prevent a fifth national vote.

Israel Policy Forum: Michael Koplow Column & IPF Podcast

There Are No Israeli Political Blocs

“Yet if there is anything to be learned from the preliminary results of Tuesday’s election–and full results will not be known until Friday–it is that talking about any type of coherent bloc in Israeli politics is silly…”

Israeli Election Results: What We Know So Far (Podcast)

A day after Israel’s fourth election since April 2019, hosts Evan Gottesman and Eli Kowaz parse the early returns of the vote, examine what we know so far, and discuss what could change in the future.

American Jewish Committee: Podcast

The Israeli Election: What Just Happened and What Comes Next

This week AJC is joined by Allison Kaplan Sommer, Ha’aretz journalist and panelist for The Promised Podcast, to discuss some of the headliners from the Israeli election: potential kingmaker and Ra’am Party leader Mansour Abbas and Rabbi Gilad Kariv, who will be the first Reform rabbi to serve in the Knesset. Kaplan Sommer also discusses how democracy plays out in Israel and the United States and what it’s like to live in Israel, a complex, multicultural society.