It’s been a busy week at the JCRC. The week started with Executive Director Lindsey Mintz addressing the Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly (read her full remarks here), staff continued to monitor reports of hate incidents occurring in Indiana (read the RTV6 interview here), Lauren was coordinating the visit of IsraAid on their Indiana tour (read more here), Lindsey spoke at the ADL’s #NEVERISNOW summit in New York City, David attended the Indiana Social Studies conference to speak with state-wide social studies teachers about how we can work with them to get fact based curriculum about Jews, Judaism and Israel into their classrooms, and Lindsey stood with a group of faith and civic leaders at the Indiana statehouse for a press conference denouncing the recent wave of hate crimes in Indiana (read her remarks here).

As we transition to our new website and blogging more frequently to keep the community informed, we hope to start sharing a sampling of stories we’re following in the news from the past week. And in the midst of our busy week, we have certainly been reading, sharing, and discussing a wide-range of articles. There are many, many articles that we could choose to share on any given week (and on this week in particular), but we’ll try to pick 5 each week that we think you’ll enjoy. So, enjoy the first edition of “What We’re Reading”.

What We’re Reading:

  1. We Have To Congratulate Trump. He’s Too Important To Be Treyf to Us by JCPA Director David Bernstein. Read the article here.
  2. Keith Ellison would be a bold pick for DNC chair — and a controversial one by Aaron Blake of the Washington Post. Read the article here.
  3. The Breathtaking Hypocrisy of Jews Who Line Up Behind Steve Bannon’s Twisted Vision of America by Jane Eisner. Read the article here.
  4. NeverIsNow: Bringing Together Thought Leaders to Tackle Anti-Semitism From All Angles opening remarks at the ADL’s NeverIsNow Summit by ADL Director Jonathan Greenblatt. Read the remarks here.
  5. New Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council Gears Up To Work With Trump Administration by Antonia Blumberg at the Huffington Post. Read the article here.