The JCRC continues to spearhead efforts to pass a hate crimes statute in Indiana.  To date over thirty state wide organizations have signed on to the effort.  This coalition of organizations is continuing to speak to legislators every day about the importance of passing a bill in 2017.  Since the election in early November Indiana, along with numerous other states around the country, have seen a sharp increase in the number of hate crimes being reported.  It is important that we make sure that Hoosiers are properly protected.

Recently a number of articles and editorials either supporting or educating about our efforts were published in state wide newspapers, and we expect more in the coming days leading up to the legislative session.

Indiana Needs a Hate Crimes Law

Swarens: Indiana Needs a Hate Crimes Law

Advocates of Hate Crimes Law Ready to Try Again – with direct quotes from JCRC’s David Sklar

Please continue to look out for more information and action alerts in the coming weeks so that you can be a part of passing this important law in Indiana.